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Re: [attention machine maintainers] [PATCH] <math.h> issignaling

On 28-03-2013 07:52, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> Hi!
> On Tue, 26 Mar 2013 15:08:39 -0300, Adhemerval Zanella <> wrote:
>> On 26-03-2013 14:33, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
>>> On Fri, 22 Mar 2013, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
>>>> PowerPC -m64:
>>>> math/basic-test.out:
>>>>     Failure:  double x = (double) (long double) sNaN, !issignaling
>>>> That is, this type cast -- which is a IEEE 754-2008 general-computational
>>>> convertFormat operation (IEEE 754-2008, 5.4.2) -- does not turn the sNaN
>>>> into a qNaN (whilst raising an INVALID exception; not checked here),
>>>> which is contrary to IEEE 754-2008 5.1 and 7.2.  This I consider a
>>>> compiler issue (powerpc-linux-gnu-gcc (Sourcery CodeBench 2012.09-92)
>>>> 4.7.2).
>>> Such a bug (assuming present in GCC trunk for 4.9) should be filed in GCC 
>>> Bugzilla (and I suppose a new math-tests.h macro used to disable the test 
>>> in question for older compilers).  Though I guess it might only be desired 
>>> to change this for -fsignaling-nans.
>> It does for GCC trunk 4.9 on both PowerPC -m32 and -m64.
> ÂIt does pass/fail/something else?  :-)
> And Âit just being that one type casting test of math/basic-test, or
> also any other issignaling (or related) tests?
I noted the same issue you did:

    Failure:  double x = (double) (long double) sNaN, !issignaling

On both PowerPC 32-bits and PowerPC 64-bits using GCC trunk 4.9.

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