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Re: ChangeLog entry complexity

On Wed, 27 Mar 2013, David Miller wrote:

> Are people working on the Linux kernel or other GIT projects without
> a ChangeLog really working at a disadvantage because the tarballs
> lack an automatically generated ChangeLog file?

When working out when a syscall was added to the Linux kernel on different 
architectures (say) I generally find it easier to use the diffs between 
release versions rather than the git history of individual changes.  
Among other things, dates in git history reflect the date on which some 
relevant commit was made in some git branch somewhere, and not when the 
change actually made it to Linux's tree and so into release 
versions, which are what's relevant for --enable-kernel configuration in 

So, yes, a file that showed immediately the ordering of a change in 
mainline Linux with respect to previous and subsequent release tags 
(rather than its relation to a more complicated history involving lots of 
other trees, which is also useful in other ways) would have its uses.

Joseph S. Myers

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