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Re: ChangeLog entry complexity

On Wed, 27 Mar 2013, David Miller wrote:

> It has even been stated that this is exactly the thing to do, leave
> files and function names out, for a tree wide ABI change ala "All
> callers changed."

Which happens to be exactly the right thing to make such searches most 
useful, by making them find substantive changes to those files or 
functions but not global mechanical ones, which is what's most likely to 
be wanted.

> In fact, this is an argument for getting rid of ChangeLog files
> and using GIT repo searches instead, because unlike ChangeLog
> entries the GIT repo has complete information.

It has a big mess for older changes where the revision-combining 
heuristics for the conversion from CVS didn't work well.

> > (I've no idea how to get git to show all changes to a file of a
> > given name, anywhere in the source tree a file of that name may have
> > appeared at any time in the past - or to files whose names matched a
> > given pattern - or to functions anywhere in the source tree with a
> > given name, or whose names matched a given pattern.  The sysdeps
> > structure of glibc makes those natural things to do.  But supposing
> > git does have a way to list such changes based on patterns in file
> > or function names, the "in one place" issue still applies.)
> The GIT repository is one place, and yes it can do all of the things
> you describe and more.

I see nothing in "man git-log" about logs for files matching a pattern 
(actually, it doesn't seem to say what <path> means at all, or to 
reference any other specification for <path> in any other of the very 
large number of git manpages), let alone for logs based on functions 
rather than files or for excluding global mechanical changes from such 

Joseph S. Myers

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