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Re: ChangeLog entry complexity

> I also think the issue of having lots of separate ChangeLog files for 
> changes affecting all architectures should best be addressed by moving 
> ports into libc proper after eliminating the remaining ways in which libc 
> architectures still put some things in architecture-independent files that 
> should be in sysdeps files.  Then it would just be the main ChangeLog and 
> those for libidn, localedata, nptl and nptl_db.  

Agreed.  It's not very clear there is still a good rationale for nptl and
nptl_db being separate either.  (Not very clear for libidn either, but it
changes so rarely that nobody cares at all.)

> Even withing ports, the 
> separate ChangeLogs for different architectures were really an artifact of 
> CVS ACLs used to control who could commit changes to each port.

Actually it was mostly because of the original set-up wherein each
individual port could produce a separate add-on tarball for just the
one port, rather than the one big tarball for the whole ports repo.


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