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Re: [PATCH] fi_FI: Define yesstr, nostr

Keld Simonsen <> writes:

> My information is also that "Kyllä" and "Ei" are the correct words in Finnish.
> However, these are not the answers that Finnish people expect to 
> write in such answers. The expectation is to just write one character.

I did not mean the user would have to type those strings.
If a program reads a yes/no answer from the user as a string,
it should use yesexpr and noexpr, rather than compare to yesstr
and nostr.  I meant yesstr and nostr could be used in these ways:

(1) A program writes a question to stdout, disables tty echo, and
    waits for an answer.  When the user presses "k", the program
    takes that as "Yes" and echoes the whole string "Kyllä".  A
    capital K is fine here.

(2) A program writes a question to stdout and appends "(Kyllä/Ei)".
    Upper-case letters are good here because they match the
    characters that yesexpr and noexpr recognize.

(3) A program displays "Kyllä" and "Ei" buttons in a window and
    expects the user to click one of them.  Such buttons
    typically start with upper-case letters.

(4) A program displays a list of key-value pairs, something like
      Ilmastointi: kyllä
      CD-soitin:   kyllä
      Vetokoukku:  ei
      Väri:        punainen
    Here, lower case might be more common in Finnish.

I don't know of any program actually using yesstr and nostr.

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