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glibc wiki: Additional text captchas.


We have had a recent bout of spam on the wiki that Thomas
and I have mostly contained by manual page removal. We are
pretty quick about it. I review global changes to the wiki
and when a spam edit hits my inbox I delete the page immediately.

I've been given access to add more text captchas to the wiki.
With this new access I've tweaked all the old cpatchas slightly
and added several more. It's likely the spammers learned the
captchas by trial and error and programmed them into their

I apologize if you have *any* problems with the captchas.
Please email me if you need help and we can discuss how to
fix it.

I would really really like to leave the wiki as open as possible
for anyone to edit, but that means distinguishing real users
from spammers.

If we fail to keep up with the spammers then we may be forced
to switch to manual registration of users for wiki editing.
We would never deny anyone an account, but you'd have to ask.

In summary:
- Added more text captchas.
- Do not wish to close wiki registration.
- Will keep an eye on the issue.


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