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Re: [PATCH] [V3] gettextize some overlooked option arguments

> On Tue, Mar 19, 2013, at 20:25, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > I did give credit for the report in the log entry.
> Not enough.  Why did i go to the trouble of making a patch?

I really don't know why you went to the trouble of sending a patch when
you are not willing to meet the requirements of contributing changes to
the project directly.  In fact, I did not actually use your patch at
all.  The exchange with you alerted me to the issue, and I then grepped
the source tree for instances and fixed them all myself in one sitting.
Nonetheless, we endeavor to make people who report bugs in libc feel
appreciated for doing so, and I have now amended the ChangeLog to help
you feel appreciated since this is apparently so important to you.

As long as you refuse to file a copyright assignment, in future please
confine yourself to reporting problems and do not attempt to contribute
changes directly.  Just reporting problems clearly is a very important
contribution and we appreciate all such contributions greatly.


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