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BZ#11261 fixed and NEWS update.

I was able to show that BZ#11261 was fixed by a commit that happened
in the 2.16 release.

My initial thought was to simply mark this as a fixed BZ in 2.18 and
stop there, but Joseph didn't think that was appropriate. Primarily
because the 2.18 NEWS section is about new things in the release,
and this fix was not new.

I have done the following:

* Updated NEWS on master.

Verified fixed in 2.16 release. I've updated NEWS on master to 
include that BZ#11261 was fixed in the 2.16 release.

* Updated NEWS in 2.17 branch.

* Updated NEWS in 2.16 branch.

* Verified fixed in 2.15 branch.

BZ#11261 is fixed in 2.15 branch by a backport that I did.
I've added BZ#11261 to the NEWS list of bugs fixed for 2.15.1
since it was after the 2.15 release. This closes the backport
request BZ#13754.

This marks BZ#11261 as fixed in all relevant branches.

I expect that this is everything that is required to indicate
on all branches that this issue is fixed.

Overkill? or Thorough? You be the judge.


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