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Re: [PATCH] [V3] gettextize some overlooked option arguments

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013, at 10:27, Roland McGrath wrote:
> We have been getting a substantial number of new contributors lately who
> are interested in learning all the exactitudes of the project's conventions
> so that they can prove able to do commits themselves and get their accounts
> enabled for that.  I defaulted to a terse review as if you'd already
> expressed interest in learning those things so you could contribute
> directly.  If you are not interested in that and just intend to mail the
> odd rough patch by way of bug report, then we're happy to fix them up for
> you (instead of trying to teach you do them exactly the way we like them).

Thank you for explaining.  I'm not interested in applying for commit access
since I am unwilling to sign the copyright assignment papers.

> Everything about the way you've posted the patch in this final version is
> completely correct

Thank you.

> we'll be glad
> to commit the current work for you now. 

Please do.

> This change is even trivial enough
> not to require copyright assignment papers on file.

There is more of this same stuff in locale/programs/localedef.c,
in malloc/memusagestat.c, and in nss/getent.c (and also in
argp/argp-parse.c, as Arkadiusz noted) -- another thirteen
additions of "N_()".  Is that still trivial enough not to require
copyright assignment?  If so, then I'll make a patch for it.



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