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Re: [PATCH] [V3] gettextize some overlooked option arguments

We have been getting a substantial number of new contributors lately who
are interested in learning all the exactitudes of the project's conventions
so that they can prove able to do commits themselves and get their accounts
enabled for that.  I defaulted to a terse review as if you'd already
expressed interest in learning those things so you could contribute
directly.  If you are not interested in that and just intend to mail the
odd rough patch by way of bug report, then we're happy to fix them up for
you (instead of trying to teach you do them exactly the way we like them).

Everything about the way you've posted the patch in this final version is
completely correct and we'd now be happy to approve an application for a
sourceware account with glibc commit access (on approval) once you've got
FSF copyright papers on file.  The wiki should point you to those
procedures.  If you aren't interested in signing up for that, we'll be glad
to commit the current work for you now.  This change is even trivial enough
not to require copyright assignment papers on file.


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