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Re: [PATCH] [V2] gettextize some overlooked option arguments

> On Fri, Mar 15, 2013, at 21:11, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > Please see the guidelines on the wiki about how to post a patch and log
> > entry, how to include the BZ# in the log entry,
> Oof, that was far down, and somewhat hard to find, but never mind.

Improvements to the wiki are welcome.

You still put the log entry inside the diff, which is not what we do.

> > and how to make each log
> > entry sufficiently specific (naming the variable modified).
> Okay, the attached second version should do it, then.

"[]" is not part of a variable name.

> >  Aside from
> > that log trivia (and a little awkward English: "Also verb the object" is
> > more natural than "Verb also the object"), the change is perfectly fine.
> Well, "also verb the object" means to me "also _verb the object, not just
> frob it', whereas the intended meaning was "verb also the first object,
> not just the last one".  

It's true that it could mean either, but in context it's clear enough.
There is no context in which the construction you used seems like natural
speech to a native English speaker.

> But I've dropped the unneeded word.

That's fine too.

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