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Re: [PATCH] Add an Esperanto locale for France


On 2013-03-14 19:57, Neil Roberts wrote:
Here is a patch to add an Esperanto locale localised for use in
France. It would be great if I could get a final review on this patch
and get it into master.

I'm not an Esperanto expert but here are few generic comments based on my recent patches for the fi_FI locale.

+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_IDENTIFICATION
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_CTYPE
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_COLLATE
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_TIME
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_NUMERIC
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_MONETARY
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_MESSAGES
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_PAPER
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_NAME
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_ADDRESS
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_TELEPHONE

LC_MEASUREMENT is missing here.

+% "^[JjYy].*"
+yesexpr "<U005E><U005B><U004A><U006A><U0059><U0079><U005D><U002E><U002A>"
+% "^[Nn].*"
+noexpr  "<U005E><U005B><U006E><U004E><U005D><U002E><U002A>"

You might also want to define yesstr and nostr.

+country_ab2 "<U0046><U0052>"
+country_ab3 "<U0046><U0052><U0041>"
+country_num 250

Some locales define also country_name, country_post, country_car, and country_isbn. However, I'm not sure how all these would work for someone using Esperanto in another country.

+% "Esperanto"
+lang_name     "<U0045><U0073><U0070><U0065><U0072><U0061><U006E><U0074><U006F>"
+lang_ab       "<U0065><U006F>" % "eo"
+lang_lib      "<U0065><U006F>" % "eo"

lang_term is also defined in some locales.


Marko Myllynen

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