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Re: [PATCH] Add an Esperanto locale for France

On 15/03/13 03:57, Neil Roberts wrote:
> Here is a patch to add an Esperanto locale localised for use in
> France. It would be great if I could get a final review on this patch
> and get it into master.
> The locale is similar to the one already in master for Interlingua in
> France. I selected France as the country for this patch because I
> think most Esperantists would consider their monetary and numeric
> system to be a reasonable default for international use, so it is not
> only useful for French Esperantists but also for people around the
> world.
> There is a large community of translators for Esperanto. Ubuntu and
> Debian already carry an Esperanto locale as a distro patch which makes
> it possible to select the language in Gnome. Having a locale instead
> of just setting LANGUAGE will additionally make it possible to have
> the right collation order and to display the date strings in the right
> language.
> This patch was originally posted to the following bug report:
> The patch here is identical to that on the report because there were
> no issues raised that called for any changes.

I had been having a look at this bug.   I came to the conclusion that
the approach the Debian settled on is better - although I am not sure if
that would be acceptable here.

They add a locale without the country code for Esperanto.  This makes
sense given it is a language that is intrinsically not associated with
any country.  It will also mean that we will not end up with large
numbers of eo_?? locales needing added.  People will be encouraged to
use the eo locale and override the parts as needed from another locale.

I think using French as the default for monetary and numeric is fine.
However, I do note that Debian eo locale file differs from the file
provided in the BZ14943 report in mon_thousands_sep, although that is
not in your file.


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