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[PATCH] Add an Esperanto locale for France

Here is a patch to add an Esperanto locale localised for use in
France. It would be great if I could get a final review on this patch
and get it into master.

The locale is similar to the one already in master for Interlingua in
France. I selected France as the country for this patch because I
think most Esperantists would consider their monetary and numeric
system to be a reasonable default for international use, so it is not
only useful for French Esperantists but also for people around the

There is a large community of translators for Esperanto. Ubuntu and
Debian already carry an Esperanto locale as a distro patch which makes
it possible to select the language in Gnome. Having a locale instead
of just setting LANGUAGE will additionally make it possible to have
the right collation order and to display the date strings in the right

This patch was originally posted to the following bug report:

The patch here is identical to that on the report because there were
no issues raised that called for any changes.

- Neil

-- >8 --


This is based on a country-independent locale for Esperanto created by
Edmund Grimley Evans but has been adapted to be used in France.

â The month names have been decapitalised. The month names in
  Esperanto are always lower case so I'm not sure why they were
  capitalised in the original.

â The currency, numeric, paper, telephone and measurement information
  is now just directly copied from fr_FR.

â The missing date_fmt option has been copied from fr_FR.

â The address format has been combined from both the fr_FR and the
  Esperanto locales. The postal_fmt option was already the same except
  that the esperanto locale had a %%z instead of %z. This looks like a
  typo so I've taken the French version. The country information for
  the address has been taken from fr_FR.
 localedata/SUPPORTED     |   1 +
 localedata/locales/eo_FR | 203 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 204 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 localedata/locales/eo_FR

diff --git a/localedata/SUPPORTED b/localedata/SUPPORTED
index e243930..b06b773 100644
--- a/localedata/SUPPORTED
+++ b/localedata/SUPPORTED
@@ -141,6 +141,7 @@ en_ZA/ISO-8859-1 \
 en_ZM/UTF-8 \
 en_ZW.UTF-8/UTF-8 \
 en_ZW/ISO-8859-1 \
+eo_FR/UTF-8 \
 es_AR.UTF-8/UTF-8 \
 es_AR/ISO-8859-1 \
 es_BO.UTF-8/UTF-8 \
diff --git a/localedata/locales/eo_FR b/localedata/locales/eo_FR
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..fbbf6e5
--- /dev/null
+++ b/localedata/locales/eo_FR
@@ -0,0 +1,203 @@
+comment_char %
+escape_char /
+% Esperanto language locale for France
+% Neil Roberts <bpeeluk at>
+% Based on the original Esperanto locale by:
+% Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS <edmundo at rano dot org>
+title      "Esperanto locale for France"
+source     ""
+address    ""
+contact    ""
+email      ""
+tel        ""
+fax        ""
+language   "Esperanto"
+territory  "France"
+revision   "1.0"
+date       "2013-03-03"
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_IDENTIFICATION
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_CTYPE
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_COLLATE
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_TIME
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_NUMERIC
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_MONETARY
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_MESSAGES
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_PAPER
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_NAME
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_ADDRESS
+category  "eo_FR:2000";LC_TELEPHONE
+copy "i18n"
+copy "iso14651_t1"
+collating-symbol <ccirc>
+collating-symbol <gcirc>
+collating-symbol <hcirc>
+collating-symbol <jcirc>
+collating-symbol <scirc>
+collating-symbol <ubreve>
+reorder-after <c>
+reorder-after <g>
+reorder-after <h>
+reorder-after <j>
+reorder-after <s>
+reorder-after <u>
+reorder-after <U0043>
+<U0108> <ccirc>;<CIR>;<CAP>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U0063>
+<U0109> <ccirc>;<CIR>;<MIN>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U0047>
+<U011C> <gcirc>;<CIR>;<CAP>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U0067>
+<U011D> <gcirc>;<CIR>;<MIN>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U0048>
+<U0124> <hcirc>;<CIR>;<CAP>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U0068>
+<U0125> <hcirc>;<CIR>;<MIN>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U004A>
+<U0134> <jcirc>;<CIR>;<CAP>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U006A>
+<U0135> <jcirc>;<CIR>;<MIN>;IGNORE % Ä
+reorder-after <U0053>
+<U015C> <scirc>;<CIR>;<CAP>;IGNORE % Å
+reorder-after <U0073>
+<U015D> <scirc>;<CIR>;<MIN>;IGNORE % Å
+reorder-after <U0055>
+<U016C> <ubreve>;<BRE>;<CAP>;IGNORE % Å
+reorder-after <U0075>
+<U016D> <ubreve>;<BRE>;<MIN>;IGNORE % Å
+copy "fr_FR"
+copy "fr_FR"
+% "dim";"lun";"mar";"mer";"ÄaÅ";"ven";"sab"
+abday   "<U0064><U0069><U006D>";"<U006C><U0075><U006E>";/
+        "<U006D><U0061><U0072>";"<U006D><U0065><U0072>";/
+        "<U0135><U0061><U016D>";"<U0076><U0065><U006E>";/
+        "<U0073><U0061><U0062>"
+% "dimanÄo";"lundo";"mardo";"merkredo";"ÄaÅdo";"vendredo";"sabato"
+day     "<U0064><U0069><U006D><U0061><U006E><U0109><U006F>";/
+        "<U006C><U0075><U006E><U0064><U006F>";/
+        "<U006D><U0061><U0072><U0064><U006F>";/
+        "<U006D><U0065><U0072><U006B><U0072><U0065><U0064><U006F>";/
+        "<U0135><U0061><U016D><U0064><U006F>";/
+        "<U0076><U0065><U006E><U0064><U0072><U0065><U0064><U006F>";/
+        "<U0073><U0061><U0062><U0061><U0074><U006F>"
+% "jan";"feb";"mar";"apr";"maj";"jun";"jul";"aÅg";"sep";"okt";"nov";"dec"
+abmon   "<U006A><U0061><U006E>";"<U0066><U0065><U0062>";/
+        "<U006D><U0061><U0072>";"<U0061><U0070><U0072>";/
+        "<U006D><U0061><U006A>";"<U006A><U0075><U006E>";/
+        "<U006A><U0075><U006C>";"<U0061><U016D><U0067>";/
+        "<U0073><U0065><U0070>";"<U006F><U006B><U0074>";/
+        "<U006E><U006F><U0076>";"<U0064><U0065><U0063>"
+% "januaro";"februaro";"marto";"aprilo";"majo";"junio";
+% "julio";"aÅgusto";"septembro";"oktobro";"novembro";"decembro"
+mon     "<U006A><U0061><U006E><U0075><U0061><U0072><U006F>";/
+        "<U0066><U0065><U0062><U0072><U0075><U0061><U0072><U006F>";/
+        "<U006D><U0061><U0072><U0074><U006F>";/
+        "<U0061><U0070><U0072><U0069><U006C><U006F>";/
+        "<U006D><U0061><U006A><U006F>";/
+        "<U006A><U0075><U006E><U0069><U006F>";/
+        "<U006A><U0075><U006C><U0069><U006F>";/
+        "<U0061><U016D><U0067><U0075><U0073><U0074><U006F>";/
+        "<U0073><U0065><U0070><U0074><U0065><U006D><U0062><U0072><U006F>";/
+        "<U006F><U006B><U0074><U006F><U0062><U0072><U006F>";/
+        "<U006E><U006F><U0076><U0065><U006D><U0062><U0072><U006F>";/
+        "<U0064><U0065><U0063><U0065><U006D><U0062><U0072><U006F>"
+am_pm   "";""
+% "%a %d %b %Y %T %z"
+d_t_fmt "<U0025><U0061><U0020><U0025><U0064><U0020><U0025><U0062><U0020><U0025><U0059><U0020><U0025><U0054><U0020><U0025><U007A>"
+% "%Y-%m-%d"
+d_fmt   "<U0025><U0059><U002D><U0025><U006D><U002D><U0025><U0064>"
+% "%T"
+t_fmt   "<U0025><U0054>"
+t_fmt_ampm ""
+% "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Z %Y"
+date_fmt "<U0025><U0061><U0020><U0025><U0062><U0020><U0025><U0065>/
+% "^[JjYy].*"
+yesexpr "<U005E><U005B><U004A><U006A><U0059><U0079><U005D><U002E><U002A>"
+% "^[Nn].*"
+noexpr  "<U005E><U005B><U006E><U004E><U005D><U002E><U002A>"
+copy "fr_FR"
+copy "fr_FR"
+copy "fr_FR"
+% "%d%t%g%t%m%t%f"
+name_fmt    "<U0025><U0064><U0025><U0074><U0025><U0067><U0025><U0074>/
+name_mr     "<U0073><U002D><U0072><U006F>"              % "s-ro"
+name_mrs    "<U0073><U002D><U0069><U006E><U006F>"       % "s-ino"
+name_ms     "<U0073><U002D><U0069><U006E><U006F>"       % "s-ino"
+% "%f%N%a%N%d%N%b%N%s %h %e %r%N%z %T%N%c%N"
+postal_fmt    "<U0025><U0066><U0025><U004E><U0025><U0061><U0025><U004E>/
+country_ab2 "<U0046><U0052>"
+country_ab3 "<U0046><U0052><U0041>"
+country_num 250
+% "Esperanto"
+lang_name     "<U0045><U0073><U0070><U0065><U0072><U0061><U006E><U0074><U006F>"
+lang_ab       "<U0065><U006F>" % "eo"
+lang_lib      "<U0065><U006F>" % "eo"

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