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Re: Silence does not imply consensus.

On 9 March 2013 04:57, Roland McGrath <> wrote:
> I think that I was clear enough.  Siddhesh responded as if my
> objection had been, "This is too complicated;" and so he said, "Here,
> this a bit simpler."  What I'd actually meant to communicate was,
> "This is somewhat complicated, but moreover a separable part of it is
> something I object to strongly while another part is something I don't
> object to at all; so I'm asking you to split it up, and taking the
> opportunity not to even get into the full details of my objection
> since that can be a more focused discussion after the split, and
> because this request means I can put off something that will take more
> time and effort on my part."

Ack, in fact I also got 'the environment variable variable needs more
justification' when you probably meant 'needs more discussion', which
is why I tried to explain it a bit more in my second attempt.

In any case, thanks for writing out your thoughts on this.  I
apologize for misunderstanding your initial objection to the patch and
I'm glad we can put the misunderstanding behind us now.


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