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[PATCH] Promote a math test for sNaN handling to the top-level.

Tested on x86 and x86_64 GNU/Linux natively, and cross-tested for MIPS32
O32 GNU/Linux.

	* sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/test-powerpc-snan.c: Rename to
	* math/test-snan.c: Renamed from
	* math/Makefile (tests): Add test-snan.
	* sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/Makefile (libm-tests): Don't add
 math/Makefile                                      |    2 +-
 .../fpu/test-powerpc-snan.c => math/test-snan.c    |    0
 sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/Makefile                       |    1 -
 3 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
 rename sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/test-powerpc-snan.c => math/test-snan.c (100%)

diff --git math/Makefile math/Makefile
index 72cf338..e216dfb 100644
--- math/Makefile
+++ math/Makefile
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ long-c-yes = $(calls:=l)
 tests = test-matherr test-fenv atest-exp atest-sincos atest-exp2 basic-test \
 	test-misc test-fpucw tst-definitions test-tgmath test-tgmath-ret \
 	bug-nextafter bug-nexttoward bug-tgmath1 test-tgmath-int \
-	test-tgmath2 test-powl tst-CMPLX tst-CMPLX2
+	test-tgmath2 test-powl tst-CMPLX tst-CMPLX2 test-snan
 # We do the `long double' tests only if this data type is available and
 # distinct from `double'.
 test-longdouble-yes = test-ldouble test-ildoubl
diff --git sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/test-powerpc-snan.c math/test-snan.c
similarity index 100%
rename from sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/test-powerpc-snan.c
rename to math/test-snan.c
diff --git sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/Makefile sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/Makefile
index ffacf1a..fda59f9 100644
--- sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/Makefile
+++ sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/Makefile
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
 ifeq ($(subdir),math)
 libm-support += fenv_const fe_nomask fe_mask t_sqrt
-libm-tests += test-powerpc-snan
 # libm needs to access dl_hwcap
 $(objpfx) $(elfobjdir)/

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