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Re: Support for i386 builds of glibc?

On Mon, 4 Mar 2013, Roland McGrath wrote:

> of NPTL.  AIUI i386 per se supports exactly one SMP-safe operation, which
> is xchg.  Reworking everything to work with just that is conceivable, but
> it doesn't seem worth the effort.

 Not really, x86 has supported SMP-safe atomic ops for all ALU operations 
doing RMW on memory since the 8086, e.g. ADD, SUB, XOR, etc.  A LOCK 
instruction prefix is required for atomicity; it's implied for XCHG.  
It's just that the i386 does not support the two new operations used by 
some code the i486 added: CMPXCHG and XADD.  They could be easily emulated 
with the aid of global spinlocks, but given the decline of the i386 it's 
probably not worth the effort.

 Moreover, especially as no i386 SMP system has ever been supported by 
Linux, these instructions could instead be emulated in the undefined 
opcode exception handler by the kernel just like we do these days for 
atomic LL and SC instructions that are missing from the first ISA revision 
of MIPS processors.  The benefit would be no special user binaries would 
have to be used for i386 systems (another instruction that would have to 
be emulated is BSWAP; that would cover the whole i486 user ISA extension 
beyond the i386, three instructions total).  If Linux still supported the 
i386, that is.


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