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[PATCH][BZ 14176] Do not warn about mblen, mbtowc and wctombunused result


This fixes simple bug that when mblen, mbtowc and wctomb show false
positive warning.
This happens when string is NULL to reset shift state. 

2013-03-01  OndÅej BÃlka  <>

	[BZ 14176]
	* stdlib/stdlib.h (mblen, mbtowc, wctomb): Remove __wur.

diff --git a/stdlib/stdlib.h b/stdlib/stdlib.h
index f7a818a..4b83944 100644
--- a/stdlib/stdlib.h
+++ b/stdlib/stdlib.h
@@ -861,14 +861,14 @@ extern int qfcvt_r (long double __value, int __ndigit,
 /* Return the length of the multibyte character
    in S, which is no longer than N.  */
-extern int mblen (const char *__s, size_t __n) __THROW __wur;
+extern int mblen (const char *__s, size_t __n) __THROW;
 /* Return the length of the given multibyte character,
    putting its `wchar_t' representation in *PWC.  */
 extern int mbtowc (wchar_t *__restrict __pwc,
-		   const char *__restrict __s, size_t __n) __THROW __wur;
+		   const char *__restrict __s, size_t __n) __THROW;
 /* Put the multibyte character represented
    by WCHAR in S, returning its length.  */
-extern int wctomb (char *__s, wchar_t __wchar) __THROW __wur;
+extern int wctomb (char *__s, wchar_t __wchar) __THROW;
 /* Convert a multibyte string to a wide char string.  */

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