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Re: [PATCH] Run tests only if $(build-shared) is yes

On Mon, 10 Sep 2012, Roland McGrath wrote:

> I think it would be better to add a little infrastructure support.
> Then add these tests to a new variable like "tests-shared-only"
> rather than repeating the same conditional lots of places.

There seem to be several properties one might wish to assign to tests.  
shared-only is one, but so is whether they go in tests or xtests, and so 
is whether they are built and run by standard rules or need their own 
rules.  Then there's distinguishing tests using locales to set LOCPATH for 
them (I'm not sure why we don't just set LOCPATH for all tests, but if 
there's a reason to avoid that then having a flag on the relevant tests 
would seem better than hardcoding the relevant LOCPATH setting in many 

Rather than adding lots of variables for the various combinations of these 
properties, maybe there should be a way of setting a list of properties 
for a test - whether in a variable for that test, or through having the 
"tests" variable setting contain things such as 
"test-name:property-1:property-2" rather than just plain test names?

(If a test is shared-only, and you're generating PASS / FAIL lines for 
tests, arguably there should be an UNSUPPORTED line for the test that 
didn't run because you had a static build.)

Joseph S. Myers

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