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Re: Avoid use of libgcc_s and libgcc_eh when building glibc

On Monday 28 May 2012 17:43:04 Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> ..., so it will work with a minimal libgcc such as GCC can
> build with -Dinhibit_libc without needing any libc headers or prebuilt
> libc.

this stopped working quite a number of releases ago, and every time patches 
were posted to gcc to make it work, they were rejected as "install libc 
headers first".  i'm not sure why we're trying to support a workflow in glibc 
that gcc isn't going to accept.

that said, the changes you're posting here don't seem to matter either way to 
the aforementioned gcc scenario.  these affect the initial build of glibc after 
you have a gcc C-only cross-compiler.

> I've tested this patch for x86_64 and also done a test build for ARM.
> To go in it will certainly need more architecture testing (libc
> architectures and IA64)

IA64 is the most pita Linux target i've found to create a cross-compiler.  in 
Gentoo, i currently disable the building of static ELFs when building the 
initial glibc since it always requires libunwind symbols :(.  i'm 50/50 
whether working around the gcc errors in glibc is even the right thing to do.

i posted an analysis of the IA64 gcc breakage here:
but i get the feeling no one really cares

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