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Re: [PATCH] Suppress sign-conversion warning from FD_SET

On 05/25/2012 09:27 AM, Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
> -  ({ unsigned long int __d = (d);					    \
> +  ({ unsigned long int __d = (unsigned long int) (d);			    \

As a general rule I'd rather avoid unnecessary casts.
The patch does not fix a bug, as the implicit conversion from
D's type 'int' to 'unsigned long int' has well-defined
behavior.  And the patch may mask a later bug if someone
mistakenly invokes the macro with D being a pointer.

Instead, how about using 'long int', since that's guaranteed
to work without munging the sign?  Something like this:

#define	__FD_ELT(d) \
  __extension__								    \
  ({ long int __d = (d);						    \
     (__builtin_constant_p (__d)					    \
      ? (0 <= __d && __d < __FD_SETSIZE					    \
	 ? __d / __NFDBITS : __fdelt_warn (__d))			    \
      : __fdelt_chk (__d)); })

with a similar change to fdelt_chk's implementation, and
with the signatures of __fdelt_warn and __fdelt_chk
changed to use 'long int' rather than 'unsigned long int'.
The generated code should be identical.

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