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[PATCH] Fix fma test for underflow

As discussed here
and in BZ 14152, fma doesn't always set FE_UNDERFLOW.
So adjust the test.  Regtested on x86_64-linux.  Ok?

Or shall I ajdust the fmal test in the same manner?

2012-05-25  Marek Polacek  <>

	[BZ #14152]
	* math/ (fma_test): Don't always expect underflow

--- libc/math/	2012-05-25 14:34:08.639113677 +0200
+++ libc/math/	2012-05-25 14:44:29.347707291 +0200
@@ -3970,7 +3970,8 @@ fma_test (void)
   TEST_fff_f (fma, 0x1.4000004p-967, 0x1p-106, 0x0.000001p-1022, 0x0.0000010000003p-1022, UNDERFLOW_EXCEPTION);
   TEST_fff_f (fma, 0x1.4p-967, -0x1p-106, -0x0.000001p-1022, -0x0.0000010000002p-1022, UNDERFLOW_EXCEPTION);
   TEST_fff_f (fma, -0x1.19cab66d73e17p-959, 0x1.c7108a8c5ff51p-107, -0x0.80b0ad65d9b64p-1022, -0x0.80b0ad65d9d59p-1022, UNDERFLOW_EXCEPTION);
-  TEST_fff_f (fma, -0x1.d2eaed6e8e9d3p-979, -0x1.4e066c62ac9ddp-63, -0x0.9245e6b003454p-1022, -0x0.9245c09c5fb5dp-1022, UNDERFLOW_EXCEPTION);
+  /* Sometimes the FE_UNDERFLOW is not set, so be prepared.  See Bug 14152.  */
+  TEST_fff_f (fma, -0x1.d2eaed6e8e9d3p-979, -0x1.4e066c62ac9ddp-63, -0x0.9245e6b003454p-1022, -0x0.9245c09c5fb5dp-1022, UNDERFLOW_EXCEPTION_OK);
   TEST_fff_f (fma, 0x1.153d650bb9f06p-907, 0x1.2d01230d48407p-125, -0x0.b278d5acfc3cp-1022, -0x0.b22757123bbe9p-1022, UNDERFLOW_EXCEPTION);
   TEST_fff_f (fma, -0x1.fffffffffffffp-711, 0x1.fffffffffffffp-275, 0x1.fffffe00007ffp-983, 0x1.7ffffe00007ffp-983);


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