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Re: Weekday/Workday for EU locales in glibc


On Thu, 24 May 2012, Jeff Law wrote:

> Well, the doc requirements in the past to get this kind of thing fixed have
> been, umm, quite burdensome.  Fixing it for the EU seems like a no-brainer
> given the commission's clarification that they're following ISO 8601.
> For countries outside the EU, I haven't done the research necessary to meet
> the doc requirements we've had for locale fixes.

I understand.  There are even fewer useful documents about weekday 
conventions in legislations than there are about time changes.  But OTOH 
the same argument can be used against the initial and still current state: 
"who documented and where are the so produced documents that defined the 
current state to be correct?".  Just because Uli required elaborate proofs 
for _changes_ of the current status doesn't in any case imply the even 
remote correctness of that state.  In fact I think it was completely 
arbitrary and in most cases just wrong (exactly because he didn't count 
hear-say evidence like "nobody in our country considers Sunday first day"; 
meaning he took lack of official proof for incorrectness to be proof of 
correctness of current state; which of course is absurd).

Are we even discussing these topics on the right list?  Half of the mails 
in CC bounced, *-locale(s?) weren't added, and IMO, from reading the 
lists, the timezone list (olson) might have the diversest (if that's a 
word) set of persons that could usefully contribute to the topic at hand; 
even though it's not directly timezone related that list has the most 
persons on it that are remotely interested (and able to produce links to 
official documents) in time/date topics.

That said, I of course am completely for changing the currently broken 
locales.  I just doubt that if one ventures into the other locales that 
one would find those are correct regarding this topic.  So fixing the 
european locales only is useful, but I think ultimately hypocritical.


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