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Re: RFC: Generate lib-names.h and stubs.h from ABI-LIST

It's odd that everything says "abi-list" instead of just "abi".
It was "syscall-list" because bits/syscall.h is a list of syscalls.
Nothing we generate involves a list of ABIs.

Some of the comments need cleanup both for typos/grammar and for
mention of stuff specific to the Linux syscall list where they should
just talk about the generic purpose of generated headers that need
different contents for each ABI.

I don't like the *-ld-soname variables and also don't see why they're
needed.  If you need those, then why don't you need one for every
library?  Nothing should assume that all the other sonames match
across all the related ABIs--there's no reason they necessarily should.

Anyway, that information should not be repeated in makefiles.  It's
already in shlib-versions and everything should just get it from
there.  The makefiles can give for each ABI the tuple to match in
shlib-versions, akin to the ABI entries in shlib-versions.

A branch with intermediate changes and merge commits is slightly
annoying to review.  When a change actually goes in, it should be one
clean commit.  Please clean up the change and post it here as a single
patch in the usual form for further review.


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