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Re: [PATCH #14090] md5_process_block() produces incorrect resultwith large block sizes

On 05/24/2012 06:22 PM, Paul Eggert wrote:
On 05/24/2012 08:11 AM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
Ping, what should be done with these two patches?

Your email had just one patch, which unfortunately was incorrect because it has no effect even on hypothetical hosts with 128-bit size_t, as its expression ((uint64_t) len>> 63>> 1) is always zero.

I just now attached a corrected sha512.c patch to
the report for bug#14090.  The two non-obsolete patches that
are now attached to that bug report should both
be applied, though I hope somebody can test them
first -- I haven't even compiled them, much less
tested them.

I'm asking for both patches - the initial one contains your patch and was tested successfully by me,

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