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Re: Weekday/Workday for EU locales in glibc


On Wed, 23 May 2012, Jeff Law wrote:

> There's a long standing problem with handling of the first weekday and 
> first workday in glibc's various EU locales.  Carlos & I have both 
> reviewed ISO 8601 and our reading is that for all EU members Monday is 
> the first weekday and first workday.

ISO 8601 makes no provisions for changing the first weekday according to 
locale; it is Monday for whomever chooses to follow that standard in its 
entirety.  Most (all?) european countries happen to follow it in this 
aspect :)

> I'd like to get this addressed in all the EU locales, preferably 
> en-masse rather than continuing to fault in a fix for each one when 
> someone complains.

Shouldn't localedata/i18n (although it's not used as template for any 
LC_TIME) and programs/ld-time.c then simply be changed to use the ISO 8601 
defaults?  Because, of all the 377 (on my system here) locales that 
currently use Sunday as first weekday most of them have it only because of 
these defaults.  Only en_US, es_CR, et_EE, ks_IN@devanagari, shs_CA and 
wa_BE set it explicitely, and of those only wa_BE is used as template for 
a further locale's LC_TIME (wa_BE@euro).  That is, 370 locales have first 
weekday=1 just because of the default in programs/ld-time.c.  Nobody can 
tell me that this was a concious decision for each one of these locales, 
rather than just accident.


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