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Re: Weekday/Workday for EU locales in glibc

There's a long standing problem with handling of the first weekday and first workday in glibc's various EU locales. Carlos & I have both reviewed ISO 8601 and our reading is that for all EU members Monday is the first weekday and first workday.

I'd like to get this addressed in all the EU locales, preferably en-masse rather than continuing to fault in a fix for each one when someone complains.

The following locales are broken in this regard:
de_BE, de_BE@euro, nl_BE, nl_BE@euro, wa_BE, wa_BE@euro, el_CY, tr_CY, br_FR, br_FR@euro, oc_FR, el_GR, el_GR@euro, en_IE, en_IE@euro, ga_IE, ga_IE@euro, it_IT, it_IT@euro, lij_IT, lv_LV, lt_LT, de_LU, de_LU@euro, fr_LU, fr_LU@euro, mt_MT, fy_NL, pt_PT, pt_PT@euro, an_ES, eu_ES, eu_ES@euro, gl_ES, gs_ES@euro, cy_GB, gd_GB, gv_GB, kw_GB,

ast_ES just needs the first_workday fix.

Unless objections are noted, the plan is to fix these locals on June 6, 2012. If you're objecting to a fix, please state specifically which locale(s) you believe should not be changed and why.

For reference, the following locals are OK:
de_AT, de_AT@euro, fr_BE, fe_BE@euro, li_BE, be_BG, cs_CZ, da_DK, en_DK, et_EE, fi_FI, fi_FI@euro, sv_FI, sv_FI@euro, ca_FR, fr_FR, fr_FR@euro, de_DE, de_DE@euro, fy_DE, hsb_DE, nds_DE, hu_HU, ca_IT, fur_IT, sc_IT, lb_LU, li_NL, nds_NL, nl_NL, nl_NL@euro, csb_PL, pl_PL, ro_RO, sl_SI, ca_ES, ca_ES@euro, es_ES, es_ES@euro, sv_SE, en_GB, sk_SK


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