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Re: PATCH: Add bits/byteswap-16.h and use GCC builtin 32/64-bit bswap

On 04/24/2012 11:31 AM, Chung-Lin Tang wrote:
On 2012/4/7 03:40 AM, H.J. Lu wrote:
2012-04-06 H.J. Lu<>

	* bits/byteswap.h (__bswap_16): Removed.
	Include<bits/byteswap-16.h>  to get __bswap_16.
	(__bswap_32): Use __builtin_bswap32 for GCC>= 4.2.
	(__bswap_64): Use __builtin_bswap64 for GCC>= 4.2.
	* bits/byteswap-16.h: New file.

For SH, this triggered a build fail, due to those inline C functions being added to a assembly file (the SH strlen.S use of endian.h) after a complex include sequence.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with those __bswap* functions. It seems
that string/endian.h includes a bunch of stuff not usable anyways for
assembler, so here's trivial patch to correct this.

Looking at some comments on glibc-ports, I've reconsidered my comment and think your patch below is the right way to go forward. <endian.h> should be useable from assembler files - like it was in the past.

What do others think? Any objections to add this?



2012-04-24 Chung-Lin Tang<>

	* string/endian.h: Add !__ASSEMBLER__ condition for including
	conversion interfaces.

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