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Re: RFC: manual/contrib.texi

On 05/19/2012 12:47 AM, Roland McGrath wrote:
Some of the mentioned contributions might not be part of the current glibc,
still we would like to mention those that contributed.

Something like that is certainly fine. I guess I'd phrase it like this:

This appreciation persists even when some particular work is no longer part
of @theglibc{}.  Some of the contributions listed here have been removed
entirely in the years since the work was done.  While the code will always
continue to change and no part of it lasts forever, the gratitude toward
all contributors, past and present, is eternal.

I like it. I've added it.

I'm still struggling how to mark those removed contributions - or whether the above paragraph is enough.

Brendan Kehoe for contributing the port to the MIPS DECStation running Ultrix 4 (@code{mips-dec-ultrix4}) and the port to the DEC Alpha running OSF/1 (@code{alpha-dec-osf1}).

We could add behind the port something like "(removed in the meantime)" or "(not anymore part of @theglibc)".

Any good ideas?
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