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Re: PATCH: Add x32 dummy sysctl

> It should be *installed*, in line with the goal that building glibc for 
> any of the three x86 ABIs should install headers that can be used for any 
> of the three ABIs.

Good point.

> But a #error in the header for ABIs not supporting it would be
> reasonable.  (Cf. my comment in bug 14117 about installing sys/vm86.h for
> x86_64.)

That sounds OK, though some applications might be slightly annoyed by it.
e.g., if they include the header unconditionally but only actually use the
function #ifdef HAVE_SYSCTL, they'd have to add another #ifdef.

The easy thing would be to add a bits/sysctl.h whose linux/bits/sysctl.h
version is empty.  Then linux/x86_64/bits/sysctl.h (later linux/x86/...)
can #error in the x32 case.

Since according to the kernel folks this call is thoroughly undesired on
every machine now, we should also add __attribute__ ((deprecated)) to the
declaration.  We need a sys/cdefs.h macro for that.  Hmm, we already have
__warndecl so we might as well just use that unless we really think that
someone cares about using -Wno-deprecated-declarations.


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