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Re: PATCH: Add x32 abilist files

> This requires a macro defined in configure, rather than one predefined by 
> the compiler, as with the ARM hard-float dynamic linker issue.

Oh, right.

> I don't think this is particularly significant as a regression - I'm 
> pretty sure there are various (non-generated) headers installed for i686 
> that aren't biarch-capable at all, so for biarch-capable headers you 
> actually need to take those installed for x86_64 at present.

Good point.

> But I like sysdeps/x86 (and sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86, etc.) as a 
> solution for this issue - it would be best for all three ABIs to install 
> exactly the same set of headers, which would work for all three ABIs, 
> rather than having multiple copies of various installed headers, some 
> versions of a header being biarch-capable and some not.  (There are some 
> files other than installed headers that might be shared between x86 and 
> x86_64 as well.)

I wasn't thinking about this general issue, though I've thought about it
before.  That certainly sounds like a good cleanup.


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