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Re: PATCH: Update sysdeps/x86_64/start.S for x32.

> Is this how it shows up in diff.  I am also enclosing the patched file.

Sorry, I thought I accounted for that when reading the diff but I guess I
messed up.

> 	* sysdeps/x86_64/start.S: Include <sysdep.h>.  Simulate
> 	popping 4byte argument count for x32.  Use RXX_LP.

The file already has #include <sysdep.h> so don't mention that.


Say, "Use R*_LP macros."  RXX_LP looks like it could be the literal
name of a macro rather than comment shorthand (and there are some
instances where there is only one X).  Every instruction you touched
to use R*_LP macros also had an operand-size suffix dropped, so in
fact you should say, "Use R*_LP macros and omit operand-size suffix."

At least one line you touched is >= 80 chars long.  It was before
too, so even though you've made it longer you're not technically
introducing the over-long line.  But fix it anyway while you're
touching it.  Sometimes you can just drop the second final space at
the end of a whole-sentence comment to make it fit.  Sometimes you
should just let M-; indent the comment differently to fit.

You still need a space after a comma in the instructions added.

Is it right that x32 uses full 8-byte stack slots for arguments
that are of 4-byte types?


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