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Re: ABI test baseline status

On 5/13/2012 6:42 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> * tile needs data added (probably three baselines - tilepro, tilegx32, 
> tilegx64).  In addition, other changes to tile and linux-generic are 
> needed to bring them up to date with libc changes since those ports were 
> added.  (If you are maintaining a port, you really need to follow 
> glibc-cvs, watch out for libc changes relevant to the port and try to get 
> it updated within days unless you're away at the time.  We should also try 
> to make clear in patch postings if they are relevant to ports, but 
> following glibc-cvs is a good idea as well.)  Specifically, the 
> linux-generic bits/typesizes.h (and the alpha one) doesn't seem to have 
> been updated for

I have all the changes queued up in my git tree, plus other optimization,
etc., changes that have been added to our 2.12 branch for our CentOS
6.1-compatible release.  I am just struggling with the abilist stuff over
this weekend and should have the whole patch series out on Monday.

I'll have some further questions to ask about the ulps-generating stuff,
though.  I hacked the examples to work around the missing exception
#defines on tile to generate some plausible ulps data, but as things stand
the presence of all the FE_xxx tests means the tests don't compile.

Chris Metcalf, Tilera Corp.

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