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Re: [PATCH][BZ #13613] Allow a single-threaded process to cancelitself

On Wed, 9 May 2012 13:28:40 -0400, Carlos wrote:
> >> * It overloads multiple_threads with a new meaning i.e. "Is true if
> >> either more than one thread is running or if the one thread called
> >> pthread_cancel()", which is bad for maintainability.
> >
> > I agree. I think a union like:
> >
> > ? ? ?union
> > ? ? ?{
> > ? ? ? ?int __multiple_threads;
> > ? ? ? ?int __enable_cancellation_points;
> > ? ? ?} cancellation;
> > ? ? ?#define multiple_threads cancellation.__multiple_threads
> > ? ? ?#define enable_cancellation_points
> > cancellation.__enable_cancellation_points
> >
> > this should work. Let me check.
> I like this better along with a comment describing why they share the
> same variable, that way if we split them apart some day we'll know
> what we need to do.

Looks like I'll need to refactor code to first rename SINGLE_THREAD_P
to ASYNCCANCEL_DISABLED_P so that it gives the right idea to anyone who
is reading. Currently from what I can tell, there are two distinct
usages for tcbhead.multiple_threads, the first being wrapping syscalls
around cancellation code and the second being to acquire locks before
cmpxchg. These two usages assume distinct meaning only when the process
is single-threaded, where cancellation is allowed but the process is
still single-threaded. This will happen only during main thread
cancellation and it doesn't really matter at that point since we're
ending anyway, so for now it is best to have it represented by a single
stored value.

So I'll make this change in two parts, first by renaming
SINGLE_THREAD_P and then adding something like the union above or even

#define enable_cancellation_points multiple_threads

within the struct with a comment describing what they are. Sounds OK?


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