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Re: Flatten sysdeps/unix/bsd/bsd4.4 into sysdeps/unix/bsd

On Wed, 9 May 2012, Roland McGrath wrote:

> We've made a huge amount of progress in a short span of time, and most
> things have gone the way you wanted them to.  Frankly, I'm getting
> pretty tired of having you and Dave jump down my throat every time I
> say something can wait a few more days or even a week or two while
> we figure out how to do it safely and correctly and give the people
> who know the most about it some time for reflection.

Whenever your requests for a more general approach seem reasonable I've 
tried to accommodate them as far as possible (e.g. the 
initfini/crti.S/crtn.S changes).  If there actually seems to be something 
plausibly tricky or risky about a patch I'm happy to allow more time for 

In the case of the present patch, I don't think the request for Hurd 
testing was reasonable, given the current state of Hurd support in 
mainline glibc, and I don't think there's anything at all tricky or risky 
about the patch that further consideration could help with.  It's not even 
likely to be readily testable in a heavily-patched working 2.14-based Hurd 
glibc, since it builds on previous sysdeps cleanups removing unused files 
(files in sysdeps/unix/bsd that were overridden by bsd4.4 versions).

> I am immensely grateful for your work on libc and especially for the
> devotion of time and effort that has enabled your very quick growth
> into a clear leadership role in the project.  With each passing day,
> it is harder and harder for me to infer that you have any appreciation
> for my role.

I appreciate your role in glibc.  If I agree with something you or anyone 
else has said, typically there is no need to say so, unless as part of 
approving a patch to go in or if more opinions are needed to help build 
consensus (I expect people to judge arguments on their merits).  If I 
think something said is unreasonable, and noone else has expressed the 
same objection, then I will say so, whoever it is I am disagreeing with.  
Inevitably this means comments of disagreement are more frequent than 
comments of agreement.  I hope other people will similarly say whenever 
they think something I have said is wrong or unreasonable.

Joseph S. Myers

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