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Re: PATCH: Move sysdeps/x86_64/Implies to sysdeps/x86_64/64

The new branch roland/implies-before-after has a configure change to allow
both Implies-before and Implies-after files with what I think were the
semantics you wanted them to have.  (It's only trivially different from the
patch I previously posted for just Implies-after.)

I'm certainly not happy with that as a solution, but I don't think we can
reasonably expect to manage anything requiring more deep thinking in the
time we want to get x32 merged in.  (It will be all I can do just to do an
adequate review on all your patches in the next week or three.)

If that is sufficient for you to get things working adequately for x32,
then I think we should go with this change for now, even though it's ugly
and only confuses the situation in general terms.  (But nobody else should
start using Implies-{before,after} files.)

After 2.16, we can look into better and more sustainable solutions such as
splitting up the wordsize-NN directories into ones with finer-grained and
more clear meanings and/or more substantially revamping the sysdeps
directory selection mechanism to be more comprehensible.


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