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Re: [PATCH] Make sunrpc code available for building again

On 05/09/2012 08:11 PM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On 05/09/2012 03:42 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
On Wednesday 09 May 2012 10:01:57 Andreas Jaeger wrote:
As suggested, here's the "hacky" patch. I put it in git on a personal
branch aj/revert-sunrpc,

this looks similar to the patch we use in Gentoo. i believe this fixes dynamic linking, but not static linking. can you confirm that ?

Seems that on most distributions nobody does static linking.

I just tested a simple rpc program, it fails indeed with static linking.

In that case it might be safer to go back to the reversion,

I just tested the following patch, it adds back the routines to libc.a and thus allows static linking.

I'm updating my remote branch with this fix now,


diff --git a/sunrpc/Makefile b/sunrpc/Makefile
index 48790f4..71f4f77 100644
--- a/sunrpc/Makefile
+++ b/sunrpc/Makefile
@@ -73,8 +73,6 @@ routines := auth_none authuxprot bindrsvprt clnt_raw clnt_simp \
svc_simple xdr_float xdr_rec publickey authdes_prot \
des_crypt des_impl des_soft key_prot openchild rtime svcauth_des \
clnt_unix svc_unix create_xid $(need-export-routines)
-# We only add the RPC for compatibility to
-shared-only-routines = $(routines)

# We do not build rpcinfo anymore. It is not needed for a bootstrap

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   GF: Jeff Hawn,Jennifer Guild,Felix ImendÃrffer,HRB16746 (AG NÃrnberg)
    GPG fingerprint = 93A3 365E CE47 B889 DF7F  FED1 389A 563C C272 A126

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