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Re: Minimum Linux kernel version for glibc 2.17

On Wednesday 09 May 2012 06:25:50 Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> I'm like to propose that the minimum Linux kernel version for glibc 2.17
> (the version to be released in December) is 2.6.16 (that is 2.6.16
> release, not 2.6.16-rcN).

sounds fine to me

> 2.6.16 was the first long-term-stable series of 2.6 kernels, and according
> to Wikipedia ceased to be maintained in July 2009; I don't think anything
> older than it is relevant for glibc 2.17.  As well as allowing various
> __ASSUME_* conditionals to be cleaned up that could not be cleaned up if
> only 2.6.0 or 2.6.1 were required, requiring at least 2.6.16 would allow
> removing all the specific kernel version references in the README file.

i would prefer to keep the version checking in the features header accurate.  
seems like the cost is already sunk, and removing them doesn't really gain 
anything ?  we use this header verbatim in uClibc, so it'd be nice to not have 
to fork it ...

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