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Minimum Linux kernel version for glibc 2.17

I'm like to propose that the minimum Linux kernel version for glibc 2.17 
(the version to be released in December) is 2.6.16 (that is 2.6.16 
release, not 2.6.16-rcN).

2.6.16 was the first long-term-stable series of 2.6 kernels, and according 
to Wikipedia ceased to be maintained in July 2009; I don't think anything 
older than it is relevant for glibc 2.17.  As well as allowing various 
__ASSUME_* conditionals to be cleaned up that could not be cleaned up if 
only 2.6.0 or 2.6.1 were required, requiring at least 2.6.16 would allow 
removing all the specific kernel version references in the README file.

Any comments?  (Suggestions that we require a kernel more recent than 
2.6.16 are also welcome, but increasing the requirement beyond 2.6.16 
would require more care about the accuracy of the existing conditions in 
kernel-features.h; see bug 9894 regarding some versions there being 
inaccurate; Aurelien was at one point doing a general check of at least 
the more recent entries in kernel-features.h.)

Joseph S. Myers

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