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Re: [Patch] BZ#14080: Fix daylight time change for the US

On 05/08/2012 10:44 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
I found in 1003.1-2003 regarding tzset "If TZ is absent from the
environment, implementation-dependent default time zone information is
used. ". So, we could also use something completely different ;). I
guess nobody uses this, so let's stick with my patch.

That is a different case, where we already use the table-driven /etc/localtime setting. Here we are talking about a setting like "TZ=EST5EDT", where POSIX specifies the meaning of the three fields that were given and is (now) ambiguous about the omitted ones.

Indeed, that is ambigous. POSIX only says that the switch happens at 2am if the time is omitted but does not say anything at which time the change happens ;-(

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