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[PATCH] BZ #13979- A warning should be issued if FORTIFY_SOURCE isrequested but not enabled

From bugzilla:

"If a user requests FORTIFY_SOURCE checking, but for whatever reason the checks
are not enabled (for example optimizer not enabled), we should issue a warning."

Tested on x86-64.

Ok to commit?


2012-03-30 Jeff Law <>

	* include/features.h: Warn if user requests FORTIFY_SOURCE checking
	but the checks are disabled for any reason.

diff --git a/include/features.h b/include/features.h
index c347555..e3ad8b0 100644
--- a/include/features.h
+++ b/include/features.h
@@ -336,6 +336,10 @@
 # define __USE_FORTIFY_LEVEL 0

+# warning _FORTIFY_SOURCE requested but disabled
/* Get definitions of __STDC_* predefined macros, if the compiler has
not preincluded this header automatically. */
#include <stdc-predef.h>

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