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Re: The GNU C Library 2.16 release plan.

> I have many x32 patches waiting to be reviewed and submitted.
> What should we do about them?

I intend to catch up on a lot of such backlog this week.  That said, I
don't think it's realistic to expect the review and necessary reworking
of details to be in shape in a week from today.  With some focus, I
imagine we can get it done in two or three weeks.  That might fit into
something close enough to Carlos's proposed schedule, with a bit of
slushiness in the definition of "freeze".

Given how recent the actual 2.15 release was (though that was a pretty
long time after the glibc-2.15 tag was made), I think 2.16 getting
pushed out a few more weeks would not be unreasonable.  This was always
going to be an unusual cycle anyway, being the first in a substantially
new scheme of how we handle doing releases.

That said, we certainly want to stick to the principle of time-based
releases rather than having releases wait for particular features to be
finished/integrated.  There is no deep reason for x32 to be a special
case in this logic.  I guess I'm pretty solidly ambivalent about whether
we should try hard to get x32 into this cycle or not.


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