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[PATCH v4] Do not build manual in source dir

After fixing the breakage, I noticed a warning about overriden targets
by make and thus decided to do it properly - as Andreas Schwab

I now cleaned up the Makefile further and removed the last two pages -
and cleaned up a bit more as well. These rules have been used previously
when we had a stand-alone Makefile which was obsoleted recently.

Btw. I pushed everything in git on the branch aj/manual-build in case
somebody wants to test this.

I've build several times on both Linux/x86-64 and Linux/x86 and run make
install, make pdf html info etc .

Ok to commit?

2012-05-05  Andreas Jaeger  <>

	* manual/Makefile (subdir): Remove export of subdir.
	(all): Remove target.
	(.PHONY): Remove all from list.
	(mkinstalldirs): Remove.
	(.PHONY): Remove installdirs from list.
	($(inst_infodir)/ Use make-target-directory.
	(installdirs): Remove.
	(subdir_%): Remove.
	(glibc-targets): Remove.
	(lib): Remove.
	(stubs): Remove.
	($(objpfx)stubs ../po/manual.pot): Remove.
	($(objpfx)stamp%): Remove.
	(make-target-directory): Remove.
	(subdir_install): Remove.
	(routines): Remove.
	(aux): Remove.
	(sources): Remove.
	(objects): Remove.
	(headers): Remove.

	[BZ #13750]
	* manual/.gitignore: Remove, it's not needed anymore.
	* manual/ Pass OUTDIR as extra argument, create
	all files in it.
	* manual/Makefile (dvi, pdf, info, html): Depend on files in build
	(texis): Renamed to $(objpfx)texis.
	(texis-path): New, contains path to generated files.
	(chapters.%): Use texis-path for complete path, add extra argument
	(libc.dvi, libc.pdf,, libc.pdf): Add $(objfpx) as prefix.
	(libc/index.html, summary.texi): Add $(objpfx) as prefix.
	(summary,texi, stamp-summary): Use complete path of
	files. Generate files in build dir.
	(dir-add.texi): Build in build dir.
	(libm-err.texi,stamp-libm-err): Likewise.
	(version.texi, stamp-version): Likewise.
	(.%c.texi): Likewise.
	(,%.dvi,%.pdf): Add $(objpfx) as prefix, build in build dir.
	(mostlyclean): Remove target.
	(realclean): Remove target.
	(generated): Add new variable with contents from mostlyclean and
	realclean, remove entries duplicated in	common-mostlyclean, add
	stamp-libm-err and stamp-version.
	(generated-dirs): Add libc directory.
	($(inst_infodir)/ Install files from build dir.

	* manual/install.texi (Configuring and compiling): Adjust since
	the info files are not part of the tar ball anymore.

diff --git a/manual/.gitignore b/manual/.gitignore
deleted file mode 100644
index 55c49c9..0000000
--- a/manual/.gitignore
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,30 +0,0 @@
diff --git a/manual/Makefile b/manual/Makefile
index 29e36c2..f02f144 100644
--- a/manual/Makefile
+++ b/manual/Makefile
@@ -19,29 +19,25 @@
 # Makefile for the GNU C Library manual.
 subdir := manual
-export subdir := $(subdir)
 # Allow override
 INSTALL_INFO = install-info
-.PHONY: all dvi pdf info html
-all: dvi
-dvi: libc.dvi
-pdf: libc.pdf
+.PHONY: dvi pdf info html
 # Get glibc's configuration info.
 include ../Makeconfig
+dvi: $(objpfx)libc.dvi
+pdf: $(objpfx)libc.pdf
 TEXI2DVI = texi2dvi
 TEXI2PDF = texi2dvi --pdf
 ifneq ($(strip $(MAKEINFO)),:)
-all: info
+info: $(objpfx)
-mkinstalldirs = $(..)scripts/mkinstalldirs
 chapters = $(addsuffix .texi, \
 		       intro errno memory ctype string charset locale	\
 		       message search pattern io stdio llio filesys	\
@@ -52,8 +48,8 @@ add-chapters = $(wildcard $(foreach d, $(add-ons), ../$d/$d.texi))
 appendices = lang.texi header.texi install.texi maint.texi contrib.texi
 licenses = freemanuals.texi lgpl-2.1.texi fdl-1.3.texi
--include texis
-texis: texis.awk $(chapters) $(add-chapters) $(appendices) $(licenses)
+-include $(objpfx)texis
+$(objpfx)texis: texis.awk $(chapters) $(add-chapters) $(appendices) $(licenses)
 	$(AWK) -f $^ > $@.T
 	mv -f $@.T $@
@@ -61,34 +57,45 @@ nonexamples = $(filter-out $(add-chapters) %.c.texi, $(texis))
 examples = $(filter-out $(foreach d, $(add-ons), ../$d/%.c.texi), \
 			$(filter %.c.texi, $(texis)))
+# Generated files directly included from libc.texinfo.
+libc-texi-generated = chapters.texi top-menu.texi dir-add.texi \
+		      libm-err.texi version.texi
+# Add path to build dir for generated files
+texis-path := $(filter-out $(libc-texi-generated) summary.texi $(examples), \
+				$(texis)) 				    \
+	 $(addprefix $(objpfx),$(filter $(libc-texi-generated) summary.texi \
+					$(examples), $(texis)))
 # Kludge: implicit rule so Make knows the one command does it all.
-chapters.% top-menu.%: $(texis) Makefile
-	AWK=$(AWK) $(SHELL) $< '$(chapters)' \
+chapters.% top-menu.%: $(texis-path) Makefile
+	AWK=$(AWK) $(SHELL) $< $(objpfx) \
+				'$(chapters)' \
 			       '$(add-chapters)' \
 			       '$(appendices) $(licenses)'
-# Generated files directly included from libc.texinfo.
-libc-texi-generated = chapters.texi top-menu.texi dir-add.texi \
-		      libm-err.texi version.texi
-libc.dvi libc.pdf $(libc-texi-generated)
-libc.dvi libc.pdf: texinfo.tex
+$(objpfx)libc.dvi $(objpfx)libc.pdf $(objpfx) \
+	$(addprefix $(objpfx),$(libc-texi-generated))
+$(objpfx)libc.dvi $(objpfx)libc.pdf: texinfo.tex
-html: libc/index.html
-libc/index.html: $(libc-texi-generated)
-	$(MAKEINFO) --html libc.texinfo
+html: $(objpfx)libc/index.html
+$(objpfx)libc/index.html: $(addprefix $(objpfx),$(libc-texi-generated))
+	$(MAKEINFO) -P $(objpfx) -o $(objpfx)libc --html libc.texinfo
 # Generate the summary from the Texinfo source files for each chapter.
-summary.texi: stamp-summary ;
-stamp-summary: summary.awk $(filter-out summary.texi, $(texis))
-	$(AWK) -f $^ | sort -t'' -df -k 1,1 | tr '\014' '\012' > summary-tmp
-	$(move-if-change) summary-tmp summary.texi
+$(objpfx)summary.texi: $(objpfx)stamp-summary ;
+$(objpfx)stamp-summary: summary.awk $(filter-out $(objpfx)summary.texi, \
+					$(texis-path))
+	$(AWK) -f $^ | sort -t'' -df -k 1,1 | tr '\014' '\012' \
+		> $(objpfx)summary-tmp
+	$(move-if-change) $(objpfx)summary-tmp $(objpfx)summary.texi
 	touch $@
 # Generate a file which can be added to the `dir' content to provide direct
 # access to the documentation of the function, variables, and other
 # definitions.
-dir-add.texi: xtract-typefun.awk $(texis)
+$(objpfx)dir-add.texi: xtract-typefun.awk $(texis-path)
 	(echo "@dircategory GNU C library functions and macros";	\
 	 echo "@direntry";						\
 	 $(AWK) -f $^ | sort;						\
@@ -96,23 +103,23 @@ dir-add.texi: xtract-typefun.awk $(texis)
 	mv -f $ $@
 # The table with the math errors is generated.
-libm-err.texi: stamp-libm-err
-stamp-libm-err: $(wildcard $(foreach dir,$(sysdirs),\
+$(objpfx)libm-err.texi: $(objpfx)stamp-libm-err
+$(objpfx)stamp-libm-err: $(wildcard $(foreach dir,$(sysdirs),\
 	pwd=`pwd`; \
-	$(PERL) $< $$pwd/.. > libm-err-tmp
-	$(move-if-change) libm-err-tmp libm-err.texi
+	$(PERL) $< $$pwd/.. > $(objpfx)libm-err-tmp
+	$(move-if-change) $(objpfx)libm-err-tmp $(objpfx)libm-err.texi
 	touch $@
 # Generate a file with the version number.
-version.texi: stamp-version ;
-stamp-version: $(common-objpfx)config.make
-	echo "@set VERSION $(version)" > version-tmp
-	$(move-if-change) version-tmp version.texi
+$(objpfx)version.texi: $(objpfx)stamp-version ;
+$(objpfx)stamp-version: $(common-objpfx)config.make
+	echo "@set VERSION $(version)" > $(objpfx)version-tmp
+	$(move-if-change) $(objpfx)version-tmp $(objpfx)version.texi
 	touch $@
 # Generate Texinfo files from the C source for the example programs.
-%.c.texi: examples/%.c
+$(objpfx)%.c.texi: examples/%.c
 	sed -e '1,/^\*\/$$/d'				\
 	    -e 's,[{}],@&,g'				\
 	    -e 's,/\*\(@.*\)\*/,\1,g'			\
@@ -121,14 +128,17 @@ stamp-version: $(common-objpfx)config.make
 	    $< | expand > $
 	mv -f $ $@ %.texinfo
+$(objpfx) %.texinfo
+	LANGUAGE=C LC_ALL=C $(MAKEINFO) -P $(objpfx) --output=$@ $<
-%.dvi: %.texinfo
-	$(TEXI2DVI) $<
+$(objpfx)%.dvi: %.texinfo
+	cd $(objpfx);$(TEXI2DVI) -I $(shell cd $(<D) && pwd) --output=$@ \
+				$(shell cd $(<D) && pwd)/$<
+$(objpfx)%.pdf: %.texinfo
+	cd $(objpfx);$(TEXI2PDF) -I $(shell cd $(<D) && pwd) --output=$@ \
+				$(shell cd $(<D) && pwd)/$<
-%.pdf: %.texinfo
-	$(TEXI2PDF) $<
 # Distribution.
 minimal-dist = summary.awk texis.awk tsort.awk libc.texinfo \
@@ -136,21 +146,19 @@ minimal-dist = summary.awk texis.awk tsort.awk libc.texinfo \
 	       $(filter-out summary.texi, $(nonexamples))		    \
 	       $(patsubst %.c.texi,examples/%.c, $(examples))
-.PHONY: mostlyclean distclean realclean clean
-	-rm -f libc.dvi libc.pdf libc.tmp*
-	-rm -f $(objpfx)stubs
-	-rm -f $(foreach o,$(object-suffixes-for-libc),$(objpfx)stamp$o)
-clean: mostlyclean
-distclean: clean
 indices = cp fn pg tp vr ky
-realclean: distclean
-	-rm -f texis summary.texi stamp-summary *.c.texi
-	-rm -f $(foreach index,$(indices),libc.$(index) libc.$(index)s)
-	-rm -f libc.log libc.aux libc.toc
-	-rm -f $(libc-texi-generated)
-.PHONY: install subdir_install installdirs install-data
+generated-dirs := libc
+generated = libc.dvi libc.pdf libc.tmp*			    \
+	stubs								    \
+	texis summary.texi stamp-summary *.c.texi			    \
+	$(foreach index,$(indices),libc.$(index) libc.$(index)s)	    \
+	libc.log libc.aux libc.toc					    \
+	$(libc-texi-generated)						    \
+	stamp-libm-err stamp-version
+include ../Rules
+.PHONY: install subdir_install install-data
 install-data subdir_install: install
 ifneq ($(strip $(MAKEINFO)),:)
 install: $(inst_infodir)/
@@ -162,58 +170,11 @@ endif
 # Catchall implicit rule for other installation targets from the parent.
 install-%: ;
-$(inst_infodir)/ installdirs
+$(inst_infodir)/ $(objpfx)
+	$(make-target-directory)
 	for file in $<*; do \
-	  $(INSTALL_DATA) $$file $(@D)/$$file; \
+	  $(INSTALL_DATA) $$file $(@D)/; \
-	$(mkinstalldirs) $(inst_infodir)
 TAGS: $(minimal-dist)
 	$(ETAGS) -o $@ $^
-# The parent makefile sometimes invokes us with targets `subdir_REAL-TARGET'.
-subdir_%: % ;
-# For targets we don't define, do nothing.
-subdir_%: ;
-# These are targets that each glibc subdirectory is expected to understand.
-# ../Rules defines them for code subdirectories; for us, they are no-ops.
-# None of these should be `subdir_TARGET'; those targets are transformed
-# by the implicit rule above into `TARGET' deps.
-glibc-targets	:= lib objects objs others tests xtests lint.out echo-headers
-.PHONY: $(glibc-targets)
-# Create stamp files if they don't exist, so the parent makefile's rules for
-# updating the library archives are happy with us, and never think we have
-# changed the library.
-lib: $(foreach o,$(object-suffixes-for-libc),$(objpfx)stamp$o)
-ifdef objpfx
-.PHONY: stubs
-stubs: $(objpfx)stubs
-$(objpfx)stubs ../po/manual.pot:
-	$(make-target-directory)
-	touch $@
-	$(make-target-directory)
-	touch $@
-# Make the target directory if it doesn't exist, using the `mkinstalldirs'
-# script that does `mkdir -p' even if `mkdir' doesn't support that flag.
-define make-target-directory
-$(addprefix $(mkinstalldirs) ,\
-	    $(filter-out $(wildcard $(@D:%/=%)),$(@D:%/=%)))
-# The top-level glibc Makefile expects subdir_install to update the stubs file.
-subdir_install: stubs
-# Get rid of these variables if they came from the parent.
-routines =
-aux =
-sources =
-objects =
-headers =
diff --git a/manual/install.texi b/manual/install.texi
index d2663f3..9918425 100644
--- a/manual/install.texi
+++ b/manual/install.texi
@@ -203,10 +203,10 @@ system such as @file{/etc/passwd}, @file{/etc/nsswitch.conf} and others.
 These files must all contain correct and sensible content.
 To format the @cite{GNU C Library Reference Manual} for printing, type
-@w{@code{make dvi}}.  You need a working @TeX{} installation to do this.
-The distribution already includes the on-line formatted version of the
-manual, as Info files.  You can regenerate those with @w{@code{make
-info}}, but it shouldn't be necessary.
+@w{@code{make dvi}}.  You need a working @TeX{} installation to do
+this.  The distribution builds the on-line formatted version of the
+manual, as Info files, as part of the build process.  You can build
+them manually with @w{@code{make info}}.
 The library has a number of special-purpose configuration parameters
 which you can find in @file{Makeconfig}.  These can be overwritten with
diff --git a/manual/ b/manual/
index 79ac977..60e224b 100644
--- a/manual/
+++ b/manual/
@@ -1,10 +1,13 @@
 #! /bin/sh
 # Create libc.texinfo from the chapter files.
-trap "rm -f *.$$; exit 1" 1 2 15
+trap "rm -f ${OUTDIR}*.$$; exit 1" 1 2 15
-exec 3>incl.$$ 4>smenu.$$ 5>lmenu.$$
+exec 3>${OUTDIR}incl.$$ 4>${OUTDIR}smenu.$$ 5>${OUTDIR}lmenu.$$
 build_menu () {
   while IFS=: read file node; do
@@ -51,7 +54,7 @@ collect_nodes $3 | build_menu
 exec 3>&- 4>&- 5>&-
-mv -f incl.$$ chapters.texi
+mv -f ${OUTDIR}incl.$$ ${OUTDIR}chapters.texi
  echo '@menu'
@@ -72,7 +75,7 @@ mv -f incl.$$ chapters.texi
   !/^\*/ { print; }
- ' smenu.$$
+ ' ${OUTDIR}smenu.$$
  cat <<EOF
 * Free Manuals::		 Free Software Needs Free Documentation.
 * Copying::                      The GNU Lesser General Public License says
@@ -90,8 +93,8 @@ Indices
  --- The Detailed Node Listing ---
- cat lmenu.$$
- echo '@end menu'; } >top-menu.texi.$$
-mv -f top-menu.texi.$$ top-menu.texi
+ cat ${OUTDIR}lmenu.$$
+ echo '@end menu'; } >${OUTDIR}top-menu.texi.$$
+mv -f ${OUTDIR}top-menu.texi.$$ ${OUTDIR}top-menu.texi
-rm -f *.$$
+rm -f ${OUTDIR}*.$$

 Andreas Jaeger aj@{,} Twitter/Identica: jaegerandi
  SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 NÃrnberg, Germany
   GF: Jeff Hawn,Jennifer Guild,Felix ImendÃrffer,HRB16746 (AG NÃrnberg)
    GPG fingerprint = 93A3 365E CE47 B889 DF7F  FED1 389A 563C C272 A126

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