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Re: Build all of glibc with -frounding-math

On Fri, 4 May 2012, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> On x86-64 I got these new ULPs with test-float (and ifloat):

I think ulps updates are fine here, probably disabling an optimization 
that was invalid for -frounding-math has just happened to produce slightly 
different results here.  (Since the decimal expected values in are always interpreted by the compiler in round-to-nearest 
mode, 1ulp errors in directed-rounding tests like this aren't really 
meaningful anyway.)

> 2012-05-04  Andreas Jaeger  <>
> 	* Makeconfig (+math-flags): New, set to -frounding-math.
> 	(+cflags): Add +math-flags so that all of glibc gets compiled with
> 	it.

I think this should go in - but since it does apply to the build of every 
file in glibc, it would be a good idea to wait a few days to see if either 
anyone objects, or other people also agree it should go in.

Once it's in I'll see if bug 10846 is fixed - and if so I may look at some 
point at supporting tests for underflow exceptions in so we 
can add a test for that bug and see what the general state of giving 
underflow exceptions from libm is like.

Joseph S. Myers

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