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Re: [PATCH] Use -frounding-math for math testsuite

On 05/02/2012 05:21 PM, Andreas Schwab wrote:
Andreas Jaeger<> writes:

Right now I don't see a way to set these flags just for the libraries.
We could add them as global settings for all of glibc if we want - or
somebody needs to tweak the makefiles to use different CFLAGS for library and

There's a $(CFLAGS-$(lib)) setting for each library.

this works for libm with math/Makefile having "CFLAGS-libm=-frounding-math" but I cannot specify this for libc at all AFAIK.

I expect that we only need it for libc and libm.

We could add this for specific directories but this is all difficult.

Alternative would be to set it to the global compiler options like +merge-constants - and thus changing everything. Would this be ok or is there a better way?

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