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[ #751250] Re: Locale copyright assignments

> [ - Mon Apr 30 13:31:15 2012]:
>   Hi!
> On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 07:00:57PM +0200, Petr Baudis wrote:
> >   I just realized that I did not check whether the [Glibc Locale]
> author has copyright
> > assignment with FSF. Is our policy to require copyright assignments
> for
> > locales as well? I'm wondering since it seems this has not been the
> > practice up to now, though it would be good if someone with access
> > to the assignment list could check.
>   I expected to get an "obviously an assignment is required" reply but
> I got none, so maybe it is not so obvious. The locale files contain
> little creativity, even less than e.g. the timezone files which at
> least
> contain very detailed rationale for each record.
>   So this is a ping and I'm also Cc'ing and Brett Smith
> who was interested in locales copyright before as well:

Brett actually had his last day on Friday. Josh Gay <> has taken over his 


That looks like a situation where we have not requested assignment in the past. If there is a 
particular contributor you want me to look up for you I can do that as well. The person involved 
in that thread (Keld Simonsen) does not have an assignment on file, but instead has a 
translation disclaimer in place. Other people on libc's translation team 
( also just have a disclaimer, but no assignment. 
So I am guessing that assignment is not necessary in this situation.

> (Note that this licence is still used for some locales.)

That is something that Josh will probably want to look at.

>   P.S.: I'm not interested in fixing up any past (c) mistakes, someone
> else or the FSF would have to spend their time on that. I just want
> to clarify the policy for future submissions.

Donald R. Robertson, III, J.D.
Assignment Administrator
Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Phone +1-617-542-5942 
Fax +1-617-542-2652


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