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Re: Clean up glibc manual references to "GNU system" (bug 6911)

El 17 de febrer de 2012 21:54, Joseph S. Myers
<> ha escrit:
> glibc bug 6911 reports a problem with the manual referring to how
> something is on the GNU system, which is ambiguous between Linux-based
> GNU systems and Hurd-based GNU systems.

Note that the body of information in the GNU website makes a clear
statement that "*the* GNU system" is by definition, Hurd-based,
whereas "variants of the GNU system" may be based on other kernels.

See e.g.:

IMHO you could avoid all this by simply referring to actual
components.  There's no shade of doubt on what's the meaning of
statements like "GNU C Library", "GNU C Library when running on the
Hurd", etc.

> Â- If and when the GNU/kFreeBSD support is submitted, that should
> Â Âinclude the results of checking all references to "GNU system",
> Â Â"GNU operating system", "GNU/Hurd system" etc. to see whether they
> Â Âapply to GNU/kFreeBSD or not.

A bigger priority for us is merging changes to code outside of
sysdeps/.  Currently we have to add very ugly kludges [1] in sysdeps/
directory because of the current "anti-portability" policy that
applies to Glibc mainline.

[1] For example, we fix a trivial bug (missing #ifdef) in
_dl_show_auxv() by disabling the whole function using pre-processor

Robert Millan

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