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Re: [PATCH] vfprintf: validate nargs and positional offsets

On Thu, 2 Feb 2012, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > 	* stdio-common/bug13656.c: New file.
> I'm not sure we have any precedent for naming files for bugzilla numbers.
> It might be a reasonable thing.  But the numbered ones we have are just
> increasing numbers (so bug25 is next).  Personally I have something at
> least vaguely descriptive in the name (e.g. bug-vfprintf-fortify-nargs),
> though I'll bow to consensus on that.

I also prefer meaningful names.

> > +/* Positional arguments are constructed via read_int(), so nargs
> I personally hate the convention of appending () to a function name when
> referring to it.  Comments are written in English, with normal punctuation
> standards.  But people often do it, so that's not a blocker, just a pet
> peeve.

The GNU Coding Standards do specifically say not to do use () like that in 
manuals (<>, 
at bottom); though things may be a bit looser for comments than for actual 
manuals, this sort of English convention seems to make sense everywhere.

Joseph S. Myers

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