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Re: [PATCH] vfprint: validate nargs and argument-based offsets

On 2/2/2012 1:49 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Adding "Contributed by" or "Written by" is entirely up to the author.
> Some people like to be credited explicitly in more places, while for
> others the ChangeLog and source control history are more than enough.
> I don't add them, since it's just another way for randoms to find your
> name and email address on some code and ask you truly bizarre and
> unrelated questions a decade later (trust me, you have no idea).
> (This isn't really relevant for a simple test case that won't change
> much, but in the general case such lines can be awkward because nobody
> wants to slight the original author by removing them, but over time
> the file is likely to be added to or rewritten substantially by
> someone else, making the credit imprecise at best.)

Interesting!  I reluctantly added my "Contributed by" line to all the tile
and linux-generic files that I submitted because the glibc wiki
"Contribution checklist" says:

"When you create a new file you need to attribute the changes to yourself
even if you submitted them on behalf of your company. Your copyright
assignment is on file with the Free Software Foundation so we know who
assigned the copyright to the sources you contributed, be it yourself or a
company. "

If this isn't really true, we should update the wiki.  (My email address
went into a Linux source file back in 1995 and I still occasionally get
stray related emails...)

Chris Metcalf, Tilera Corp.

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