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Re: [PATCH] Remove __ELF__ conditionals

On Sat, 28 Jan 2012, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> Please correct me if I'm wrong but the cleanup is part of the general
> "remove things we don't use" philosophy we want to adopt? In this case

Yes.  Various parts of (long-dead and bitrotten) non-ELF support were 
removed as per <>.  
It turns out there are still some conditionals left - and it makes sense 
to remove them as well to simplify things for people reading and working 
on the code in future.  Similarly, pre-standard C was actually desupported 
by glibc many years ago, __STDC__ conditionals removal is simply cleaning 
up some relics that remain of the old support.

> We now support ranged notion for copyright years per README.

FWIW, GDB plans to move to using the simplest copyright notice form: a 
single range of years, <first>-2012, with the last year in the range 
updated for all files by a script at the start of the year.  (It was 
confirmed in <> 
that using just a single range like this is OK.  It's been recommended 
practice for some time to update the list of years in all files at the 
start of the year so people don't need to worry about it for the rest of 
the year.  gnulib has a script for such start-of-year updates.)

What do people think about similarly simplifying the copyright notices in 
glibc, and doing the automatic start-of-year updates, so that there's one 
fewer thing for contributors to get right and one fewer thing for 
reviewers to check when reviewing patches?  That would be for all files 
with FSF copyright notices except those originating from other projects 
such as GMP and gettext and config.{sub,guess} (and subject to dealing 
properly with generated files, i.e. regenerating them from their sources).

Joseph S. Myers

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